There is nothing slow about duck hunting.

When a group of hunters get into a hot flyway with a sizable movement of birds, there is no time to dawdle.

Things for duck hunters start early, too.  Laying out decoy spreads, getting nestled into some cover, making sure all guns are ready to fire and still finding time to eat breakfast…now that’s a feat.

There are some constants that really don’t need to be on the mind of the hunter:

Will my boat float? Will my cover tarp properly flip over the top of me? Will my seats hold up for a long day of sitting?

Most seats can cause hunters grief.  They’re not always in the greatest shape, and can get worn down by the elements, resulting in rips and scuffs. At that point, the seat is ruined. You are forced to spend money to replace the worn out seat.

You never know if the boat seat will endure quick wear and tear in the most inconvenient of times. It can rip in the first hour of a ten-hour hunt, causing water to pile into the foam all day long. You’ll haul home a big sponge. Again, you are forced to buy a replacement.

This is why it’s worth your time to find the duck hunting seat that won’t give up on you.  Find the boat seat that is industry-proven, and ready to get you a full bag of banded beauties on any given day.

That seat is the B-100 by Millennium.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing three layers of thermal bibs or just a camouflage pair of pants, if you’re sitting in a puddle of water, you will have a wet backside by the end of the day. Millennium’s B-100 is strategically designed to conveniently and efficiently shed water. No more worrying about holding all the moisture in, making things uncomfortable for you.

Sure, you can use a seat where you can wipe the water out of the seat yourself, but doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose? Buy the seat that minimizes your concerns.

Additionally, the B-100 is equipped with ComfortMAX technology.  This seat will be there to catch you after you empty a full magazine on a flock of birds. There is no better feeling than sitting in your comfortable chair, having just flattened a full flock of birds, and watching your dog go scoop up the fruits of your labor.

Another important key feature of the B-100 is its unmatched mold and mildew resistance.

Especially in the business of duck hunting, mold and mildew on seats can be a growing problem…no pun intended. Seats are designed for comfort, but they don’t factor in what the elements will be like in the field. The cold, damp conditions that are usually associated with duck hunting are exactly what mold needs to become a problem.  Thankfully, Millennium thought about that, too.

The B-100 won’t accumulate mold or mildew.  It was designed with breathable fabric that allows air to circulate. This circulation makes it difficult for mold to find a suitable habitat on your seat.

It’s important to not overlook the way that the B-100 folds, either.  This seat was designed with the duck hunter in mind all the way around. Millennium knows that duck boats can get a little crowded in the mornings when the boat is filled with decoys, hunters, snacks, weapons, dogs and heaters.  For that reason, we’ve made sure that the seat folds flatter than any of the seats made by the competitors. We make it a priority to raise the bar by meeting the exact needs of duck hunters, time and time again.

The B-100 also gives you options for personalization and preference. The seat is available in white in color, as well as green.  This is essential for hunters who are looking to ensure their cover is now blown while waiting in the blind.

There are multiple features and options to consider when selecting a boat seat.  Seat size and functionality are two of the big players in that game. The Millennium B-100 is made to lead the charge to help guide duck hunters out of the dark days of wet backsides and moldy seats.