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At Millennium, the pro staff is a roster of impressive outdoor enthusiasts.  From professional fishing legends to iconic television personalities, to industry equipment figureheads and the guides and owners of some of the world’s foremost hunt clubs, the Millennium Pro Staff is growing in size, strength, and passion.

Today, we’ll highlight some of the leaders on the staff on the hunting side of the company: Fred and Michele Eichler of Full Draw Outfitters and the hit new show, Everything Eichlers. We’ll also spotlight Laden Force of North American Whitetail.

Let’s start with the Eichler family.

What a family this is. Fred, while managing Full Draw Outfitters in his available time, is a true renaissance man. He has been published in various outlets, and he is one of the leading voices in video hunting simulations. He has also completed the coveted Super Slam, which means that he has harvested all 29 possible North American species with his recurve bow.

Michele’s resume is equally stellar. She spent time as the CEO of Muzzy Products Corporation, and she has been hunting since she was 12-years-old.  She is a member of a multitude of prestigious bow hunting clubs, and is proud of the lifestyle that she leads.

This brings us to their new show, Everything Eichlers. This show emphasizes the life around Full Draw Outfitters and the way that farm-to-table goods can be produced. The Eichlers landed with Millennium because of their position in the industry as leaders in change. Michele says that Millennium has impressed her with their products.

“We’ve sat in a lot of tree stands in our time here,” she said.  “These Millennium stands, while we’ve only been in them for a year, really do the job that we need and then a little more.  They are just a really nice sit.”

Eichler says that the Millennium stands are used across their land in the mountains of Colorado.

“We feel confident in these stands, and we feel confident putting clients in these stands,” she said.  “So many people in the industry try to shake things up and change them around, but Millennium looks at what matters, and that’s only a two-part story. First priority is safety. Second priority is comfort.”

Both are unmatched in the industry, in her opinion.

“I have never sat in a stand that’s more comfortable,” she said.  “I’ve never felt safer in a stand, either. Needless to say, that’s a stand that I’ll keep going back to.”

That sentiment is shared by Laden Force, an iconic name in the outdoor industry with a resume to back it up.

Force, who is now partnered with North American Whitetail, has spent time within some of the most prominent companies in the world.

While he really started his climb when he was with Remington, he has made a couple of other stops on his way to where he is now. Those stops included the likes of brands such as Zeiss and Bowtech.

While he’s lived in different areas throughout his life, Force has ended up back quite close to where he grew up in Missouri. That part of the country will always be known for its monster whitetail bucks, and Force trusts Millennium stands to help him get the job done.

“I think what separates Millennium is that they’re not afraid to take the extra step,” he said.  “Their usage of SafeLink technology is ahead of the industry, and they could stop there, but they don’t. They’re not afraid to go the extra mile to make sure that their consumer is not only happy with their product, but safe while using it, too.”

As for his favorite products, Force has a few. 

“I’ll start with the climbing sticks,” he said. “They’re just so easy to use, and so portable. They help me out constantly, and when I’m not using them, it’s like they’re not even there. That’s exactly what I’m looking for in that regard,” he said.

He has developed a liking for the M7 Ultralite and the M360 Revolution.

“I’ll tell you, I didn’t know what to expect with the M7,” he said. “What a performance, though.  A light stand that does whatever you ask of it…I like that.”

While his favorite stand is probably the M7, he was the most surprised by the M360 Revolution.

“I have always been skeptical of 360-degree rotation on tree stands,” he said. “It just seems tough for some companies to wrap their minds around. Millennium’s rendition, the M360, blew my mind away, though. It’s a light setup, there’s great quality in the construction, and that whole system is extremely efficient. I couldn’t be happier with the hunting experience that it provides.”