When out on the water pursuing that trophy fish, there are two things that are for certain: The fish will not be predictable, and they will probably not hit the same bait two days in a row.

For that reason, us hardcore fishermen need to rethink our strategy, too. We can’t be predictable, and we can’t be willing to accept mediocrity.

If one presentation of a bait doesn’t work, we need to present it from other angles and rigging techniques. If the fish aren’t on their usual spots, we need to have no fear in finding them. We need to go forth to new spots with the same aggression and intensity that we use when we fish our usual spots.

That’s the beauty of fishing. It’s us as the hunters that are presenting something into the life of the fish in an effort to say that we could, and say that we did, catch that fish.  It’s all kind of a process.

It starts with being prepared.

Can we expect to be complacent and see results? Absolutely not. We have to pattern an area, stuff tackle boxes with more bait options, assemble enough rods to handle the fish, and most importantly, we have to be confident in our boat setup.

That’s where Millennium’s R100 Spyderlok comes in.

This system holds four fishing rods, and it is one of the most versatile systems that the industry has seen. It designed for complete adjustability and functionality. It will turn in almost any direction, and it can be the centerpiece to your boating set-up.  The arms turn a full 360 degrees, making them almost free-floating in nature.

That’s only just scratching the surface, though.

The Spyderlok technology sets a whole new precedent for use and effectiveness. The strength of the teeth in the locking angles is unmatched.  When you set an angle for your fishing rod, that is where it will stay.  That is what we’re looking for, after all: precision and reliability.

Additionally, there is no single set use for this system. It has many uses.

While spider rigging is the first technique that comes to mind, there are additional uses for this versatile system. The spider rig involves fanning out lines around the boat. It’s a very popular method for crappie and bluegill fishing. This method is well-handled by the R100. The 360-degree pivot makes spider rigging a breeze, and allows the fisherman to use just one rod holder, instead of anywhere from two to six holders.

The R100 caters to other types of fishermen, too. Those that enjoy pulling crank baits will be thrilled by the strength and holding power of Millennium’s product.  The Spyderlok system is monstrous in its strength. Along with ultimate adjustablity, it still holds the rod steady to keep your bait at the desired and expected elevation.

Perhaps one of the most-overlooked features about a rod holder is its mounting system.  Floor-mounted holders are often the result of a broken toe or two each year. As people go breezing by on the deck, the obnoxiously large mounting plate smacks their foot.

It won’t be that way with the R100.

The mounting panel was specifically designed to sit flush with the floor, so there shouldn’t be any worry as to how you’ll make it through the season wearing flip-flops on the boat. The R100 is a new leader in the rod holder game.

Lose fewer fish, feel more prepared, be more inventive and agile. Above all else, put yourself in a position to win.

With the help of Millennium, you can take over the fishing game.  You can be the talk of the town, and the most envied captain on the dock.  It’s time for you to make the upgrade with confidence and convenience.