Stop us if you’ve heard this before: You’re at the lake with all of your buddies, and it’s time to get fishing.  The last time that you came off of the water, it was raining like cats and dogs. You were forced to stow your fishing rods quickly and carelessly in order to get them out of the elements.

Now, you’re ready to fish again…and it’s time to untangle lines.

It’s a mess.

You have rods that are wrapped through one another, lines spun around into the nastiest knots that you’ve ever seen, and the dreaded stick-bait that your buddy didn’t unclip that has three treble hooks on it.

You spend the first two hours of your trip untangling, and start the day off on a sour note.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Millennium’s eight-rod transport rack is compact enough to be out of the way, but functional enough to keep your rods easily accessible and organized.

Imagine a world where your fishing rods are laid out at your disposal in perfect formation.  Whenever you need a new rod, simply unclip the desired one and clip in the previous pole.

How can this be effective in your line of fishing, you ask? Let’s talk about it.

Let’s say you’re a bass or inland walleye fisherman.  You like the side compartments of your boat, but sometimes you just angle your rods in a pile next to your passenger seat for ease-of-access.  Sure, this is practical, but it’s unsafe. It can have some sopping wet consequences.

It is not overly desirable to be landing a fish and jumping around the rods. It’s not uncommon for fishermen to stumble over that pile of rods. At that point, you’re lucky if all you lose is the fish on the other end of the line.

With the Millennium Rod Transport Rack, your rods are individually clipped in, and more importantly, they are off of the floor of your boat.

That’s not the only kind of fishing you can utilize this rack for, though. The Millennium Rod Transport Rack is truly versatile.

Let’s talk about trolling….the type of die-hard trolling maniacs foun from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s old-school to store rods on the top of your boat vertically, in the way that so many anglers do.  All of the water that either falls from the sky or splashes up from below ends up running right down the rod and into your reel housing.  Reels are often the most expensive part of a trolling rod setup, especially those that include line counters.

Additionally, horizontal storage minimizes wind-wear on your fishing rods.  The air is much easier to handle for a rod that isn’t stuck straight up like a sail in the breeze.

The Rod Transport Rack isn’t only for professional fishermen, either.  This system can be added to the family boat, whether it’s a speedboat or a pontoon.  When the fishing rods don’t need to be used, they can be quickly and easily stored in the Millennium rack.  When they do need to be used, though, they’re readily available. Thanks to their tidy storage, they’re tangle-free and ready to cast.

The most impressive part of this set-up is the SpyderLok system.  This technology assures that your rods will be safe and secure, no matter where and no matter the weather.  This is an outfit that is built to last.

Millennium has created a fishing rod holder that is one of the most versatile that the industry has seen.  Its ability to change angle and orientation is unmatched. The SpyderLok system ensures that whether you’re locking in an industrial-grade trolling rod or locking in grandpa’s cane pole, your cargo will be safe.

Peace of mind while on the water is something that often gets overlooked.  This is an easy fix to an age-old problem of cluttered boats that resulted in line tangles and broken fishing rods.

There is no easier way to store your gear.  When it comes to choosing a storage rack to secure your fishing poles, go the Millennium way and you won’t go wrong.